Breaking up with labels

Thank you to our new friend Christian, who saw the project on Instagram and wanted to be a part of it. It feels amazing to know out project is reaching people and we were so honored to tell just a little bit of your story! Remember how worthy and amazing you are!


The intersection of machismo, masculinity and sexuality is a bunch of different factors at once. You’re trying to be yourself in a world that tells that you can’t because you’re living up to some standard…

I hate being labeled because it divides us so much. I think it’s ridiculous, these boxes and categories should not define us.


Can I just live in the body and the skin that I have? I categorize myself. I categorize as myself, as a human being.

I’ve overcome a lot of adversity just to be myself and I think that’s brave. I’m brave.


“Taking ownership of myself…”

Our shoot with┬áChelsea radiated so much love. Chelsea is truly an inspiration in owning one’s womanhood and sexuality. She’s all about breaking stereotypes and staying true to who you are. Thank you for giving us a little perspective from the Latinx community!


… My beauty and my self worth is only defined by my being hyper-sexualized because I’m a latina woman…

That my being “curvy” and being voluptuous somehow dictates my worth and place in society.


I am a multi-dimensional being. I am a creative mind. I am a survivor of domestic violence. I am a voice of body positivity.

My ethnicity does not get defined by unreleastic standards perpetuated by society. This is me taking ownership of myself.