Putting an Emphasis on Human Beings

Emily S. was one of the first people we photographed for this project. It was at this point we were still figuring out the direction of this project and navigating through conversations that otherwise get hushed. Thank you for your courage, Emily!


We’re constantly bombarded with images of these women who are ‘perfect’. Growing up I thought that was what I was going to look like in high school.

There’s so much pressure to be look a certain way because that’s what’s desirable.


Stop putting emphasis on material things.

Put an emphasis on human beings because that’s what makes life worth living; loving people for who they are. You are enough.


Meet the Publicist: Sylvana Uribe


We’re absolutely thrilled to add Sylvana’s talents for public relations to our team! Knowing first-hand her skills with blogging, social media and life, we approached her to join us. Without her, we would not have been able to really get ourselves off the ground with our all of our pages and we can’t wait to see how she spreads our positivity!

Here’s a snippet of our interview with Sylvana where she touches on her efforts to shake off societal pressures:


I remember in middle school I was sitting and watching the overhead, minding my own business and the kid in front of me turned around and asked, “Do you have a neck? I said, ‘Yeah, I’m just sitting weird.’

From that day on, I kept wishing I had a defined neck. I felt like a freak.


I’ve embraced the term freak now. I’m surrounded by people who don’t put me down. I’m surrounded by friends who genuinely appreciate me.

I’ve found people who love my ‘freak’ and I’m starting to love it as well.

Her push to embrace herself is absolutely inspiring and her reclamation of a word meant to hurt is so powerful. Congratulations for bringing this power back to you. We’re so stoked to have this “freak” on board as she continues to develop a sense of self.

Sylvana’s website: www.undertherosemary.com


Meet the Producer: Michelle Morte


We’re so happy to have Michelle Morte on board to produce our film and keep us sane throughout this crazy, exciting process. Without Michelle, this film would have remained a dream for who knows how long… thank you for helping turn it into a reality!

Here’s a snippet of our interview with Michelle where she touches on her efforts to shake off societal pressures:


“Other Filipinos have straight, luscious and shiny hair while I just had dead and frizzy hair. People in school would always ask me if I was just half, as if my dad wasn’t my dad. I’d have to tell them no, I’m 100% Filipino… I’m just never enough with society.”

… There’s this definition of perfect and ever since middle school I just felt that I was lacking in everything.


I used to have long hair, that was curly and was just a huge mane. I told myself that I could not wait to just chop it off and then I did it and that meant letting go and moving on for me…I hate conformity.

I’d rather just be unique and not normal and be the weird-ass version of myself that I like.


It’s been Michelle’s resistance to conformity that has led her to get behind projects that shine light on themes that otherwise get brushed under the rug by the mainstream. And of course, it’s this watchful eye and vibrant soul that has been vital in getting this project up and running. Thank you, Michelle!

Michelle’s Website: www.mortefilmco.com

Meet the Creator: Jordan Daniels

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.01.35 AM

Welcome to #ThisIsMe Project! My name is Jordan Daniels and I started this photo series to capture glimpses into the lives of REAL people. Having grown tired of waiting for someone who looked like me or had an understanding of the insecurities I’ve encountered, I put an end to the wait. Why wait for someone who looks like me to show up on a screen? Why wait for someone to voice word for word the societal pressures I’ve been troubled by? Only we can do that.

We’ve all been made to feel insecure at one point or another, but we want this project to showcase that we are enough– we are worth it.

The first part of the #ThisIsMe project asks people to outline on their bodies how society has made them feel about themselves, whether it’s through shape, size, sexuality, color, religion, etc.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.03.48 AM


For most of my life, this is exactly how society has made me feel with regards to my weight and being gay.

The purpose of the #ThisIsMe project is to then contrast the pressures of society with empowering words or messages that signify how you WANT to feel or how you MAKE yourself feel about you.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.14.47 AM

As a plus size male, I never see ANY positive representation of the male body in any size besides tall, white and fit.

There is an immense lack of conversation of body issues for men and I’m tired of waiting for someone to start it.

I’m tired of waiting for another plus size male to tell me that I’m worth it and I’m tired of society and the gay community telling me that I’m not.

So I’m telling myself: I Am Worth It

Thank you for the outpouring of support you’ve been showing on our social media pages. It fills us with so much joy as we work to bring you our upcoming film, “This Is Me.”

Regarding Our Campaign Drop

Hello you all,

I was vacillating over how to approach this issue for the past few days now and I figured that the best course of action would be to combine some great news with some not-so-great news!

To start off, I just want to confirm that we will not be dropping our IndieGoGo Campaign on September 1st, 2016. School started up again for all of us and classes hit us harder than we expected. We will, however, be planning to drop the video on September 15th, 2016, just two weeks from today.  We are so sorry because we had made such a big deal about this, which we were very excited for as well. But, the team is only three of us and it isn’t always easy for us to just bust something like this out.

This all being said, we are proud to announce the launch of our new site! We have been using Facebook as our personal homepage, which has definitely been effective, but we also want to begin generating new types of content in addition to the photos and eventual film.  This website here, thisismeproj.wordpress.com, will serve as a main hub for all types of content, whether it be update, blog posts, etc.

Don’t worry, we will still very much be active through social media, we just wanted to expand what we do a little bit more. So, when you have the chance, please take a moment and follow us here to begin seeing what more we do with this project!

Thank you all so much and again we apologize for any inconvenience our push-back of the campaign video has caused.

So much love,

Jordan Daniels

#ThisIsMe Team