Challenging the Status Quo

Megan Kimberling is a Plus Model and all-around badass. There are no words that can amount to how she excels at being unapologetically herself. We met her randomly in Venice Beach one day while she was doing a shoot. At the point in time, the project was still just an idea and it’s a bit of a full-circle moment seeing her be a part of it as well as support it so much. Here’s part of her story about how she’s come to be comfortable in her own, flawless, skin.


The first thing I wanted to be growing up was a rodeo queen and I always knew that if I wanted to be that, I had to be skinny. It came from my community saying that if I wanted to be the pretty person, I had to be skinny.

Skinny was pretty. Thin was pretty and I was always told that I did this or that, that I’d be prettier

I was always made to feel that I could be prettier

I spent a lot of years internalizing those comments about my weight and what I looked like.


Nothing in my life had changed because of what I weigh.

It was the moment where I thought, ‘Oh, obviously my weight does not dictate my life.’

People spend a lot of time just fighting for the ability to be themselves.

You have two pieces of society; one piece telling children you need to be yourself. You are talented and you need to embrace your individuality. But on the flip side, it is also telling you that you need to adhere to certain standards and do things by the book.

So, for people to actually find a place in life where they can actually be themselves and be an individual, is really important.

Check out more of Megan on her website here and her Instagram page here


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